Not so long ago I was searching for a present, and caught myself thinking that nowadays people usually choose a one-time present, a trinket that won't be used for a long time and moreover inherited to our children. Buy it - throw it out, and it happens again and again...

Do you know, that some time ago, in rich families, especially among nobles and aristocracy and even in royal families, old toys were gently kept as a family relics? As a result, the children were cultivating the sences of continuity, responsibility and  inviolability of family traditions from the craddle. For example, Nicolas II, the last Emperor of Russia, was imprinted with a rattle, wich belonged to Alexander I of Russia. This rattle was passed to every newborn successor of Romanov dinasty.

Nesting dolls by WOOD DEN - a new vision on a traditional Russian toys: it is not a toy for a day, it is a toy that shall become a family relic and your heritage. Once you hold it in your hands you will not want to leave it.

Founder & Creative director

Svetlana Polevaya


Every nesting doll, made by WOOD DEN, is a result of a great work: a big team of designers, paint atrtists, jewelers, managers etc is working to create this piece of art. 

Each doll is unique and handcrafted, unseparable and packed in a clothed branded bag.






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You can update the availability of current collections or make a request for a custom design of a nesting doll by:

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The worldwide delivery is available.

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